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 will impact the performance and service life of a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. As a general rule of thumb when selecting a charger for an SLA battery is to use one that is no more than 20% of the capacity rating of the battery (at a 20hr. rate).

Example; to charge a 12 volt / 7.5Ah battery select a charger with a maximum charge output of 1.5 Amps (7.5 x 0.20 = 1.5).

12. What is the reason for battery ballooning or badly deformed in shell?

It may be due to improper use of the battery induces the battery to overcharge or the battery went out of thermos control.

13. Why the open circuit voltage or floating charge of the battery is lower than the rated requirement?

This problem called Undercharge(Self-discharge big), there are three possible reasons. First, the battery storage environment is in high temperature; Second, long-term storage without regular replenishment; Third, the floating voltage setting is low and keep in long-term use.

14. Why the inside of the battery gives off irritating odors during the charging process or the open circuit voltage was significantly higher than the rated requirement after disconnecting the system for more than 24 hours?

Reasons: 1. The charging system is out of control or parameter setting error, causing the charging current to exceed the regulation value and the charging time is longer.  2. The ambient temperature is too high and there is no temperature compensation adjustment for charging voltage.

15. I Dropped The SLA Battery, What Do I Do?

Please use protective gear before handling the battery to avoid exposure to sulfuric acid. Use rubber or neoprene gloves, safety glasses, acid resistant boots, apron and clothing. Neutralize any spilled electrolyte or exposed battery parts with soda ash or sodium bicarbonate until fizzing stops. Place the broken battery in a heavy gauge plastic bag or other non-metallic container. Recycle the battery immediately. Do not store old lead acid batteries, especially lead acid batteries with a broken case.

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